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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

In this episode Gabi talks to Kristi about buidling authentic connections and the many lessons she learned while taking Gabi's Selling With a Soul Class. 

Kristi talks about the confidence she gained that enabled her to turn down jobs that weren't right for her or her family and how she waited for her dream job. 

Kristi shares about her struggles with PCOS and infertility and how her plexus products helped her. 

Read more about Kristi below: 

Bio: I am a full time mom of 3, a full time wife, a full time student, and work full time as a Logistics Specialist with a local company. I decided to go back to school at the age of 35 while pregnant with my 3rd child. To say that was one of my craziest decisions would be an understatement. I have obtained 2 AAS degrees and I'm working on my BS currently, with plans to go after a Master's once that is complete.
I also enjoy spreading Health and Happiness with my Plexus side hustle. Helping people feel better and make themselves a priority is definitely my jam and I am very passionate about it. No one can pour from an empty cup, and my cup always has Plexus in it!
Connect with Kristi here: